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Brian Sheen
I learned so much about ADD and ADHD from this article written by Published Author ... Read More


Brian Sheen
ReThinking reWired Feb 9,2015  I was recently quite disappointed when doing a pre-interview with Eric Tivers from a podcast called reWir... Read More


Brian Sheen
To remove the sources of distraction.distress and disorder from you mind you have to dig deep within. If you consider the ego as the part of an iceberg that can be seen, and the unconscio... Read More

Key 1

Calm Presence

Key 2

Positive Attitude

Key 3

Centered and Grounded

Key 4

Alert and Energized

Key 5

Attentive and Focused

Key 6

Open and Connected

Key 7

Purposeful and Well Nourished

An Empowering Radio Interview of How the 7 Keys Has Improves Focus and Happiness

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